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The happiness of
crafting artworks

There’s something about being your own boss. It delivers such joy and a feeling of accomplishment when you create something beautiful on your own and observe it with pride and a feeling of success.


What began as a creative spark to revisit my neglected hobby of woodworking began to grow as I rekindled the flame of interest and began pursuing ways to incorporate it into something I could invest in. I didn’t know at the time how that small spark would grow into a flame, though at first it was a slow burn…

Tools I Use

I launched my Etsy shop in July of 2020 and most of my products were things I had made years prior, but I started there with hopes that I would eventually begin to develop new products and find my niche.


Though it’s been exciting to see how things have developed, it has required a lot of patience, determination, discipline, and prayer along the way. I have always loved handmade toys and the concept of “back to basics” for young impressionable minds, eliminating battery operated toys, and allowing children to enhance their imaginations through pretend play. I would have never thought that my niche and area of focus would be toys and items for infants and toddlers, but I love creating products for those ages!


Inspired by Montessori, simplistic learning methods, and nature, I create and render my own patterns for each product and use organic, natural materials that are safe and sustainable. I aim to keep my products affordable and of high quality so that the items can be purchased with confidence and can last for many years of enjoyment.


I am both humbled and grateful for how the Lord has opened up so many wonderful opportunities for my creativity to flourish. I could not be more thankful for the support received from my family, friends, and loved ones. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for encouraging me in my pursuit of this creative passion, and I pray that my vision can serve as an inspiration for others looking to embark upon a new journey and artistic endeavor.

Caring Customer Service

Once receiving your order, I will quickly ship
your products within 1-2 business days using Priority Mail.


I gladly accept returns for newly purchased products within 7 days from the payment. Please note that buyers are responsible for return shipping costs.


Your privacy and information is confidential and you can trust that your payments through every transaction are secure.

I love to read customer feedback!

you make
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Sustainably Sourced

I put special care into my products by searching for sustainably sourced materials. Finding safer, non-toxic alternatives for my crafting needs is a rewarding way to ensure I’m delivering my customers with pure, natural products they can feel comfortable using.

Superb Quality

I’m committed to providing you with quality merchandise that I am proud of. Every item is built with integrity and with a priority to create a long lasting product that you can enjoy for years to come.

Made in the USA

Shop confident knowing your purchase helps support an independent American business owner as they make their way towards success in the pursuit of the American dream!

Recycled Materials

I use recycled materials whenever possible from production to packaging. In an effort to reduce waste I reuse discarded materials such as wood, fiber, and packing supplies. I love discovering the potential in even the smallest scraps and then giving them a new purpose.

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