Pegboard Display

I was determined to create a set of freestanding pegboards to take to craft shows, just didn’t realize how much work I was in for!


I remember when I first set up my display in the backyard! I wanted to experiment with placement and figure out where things would work best.
It definitely attracted some attention from the neighbors driving by!

There’s so many possibilities for how to configure this display. I feel like I never set it up the same way twice!

Georgia based artist and designer, Bridget Morningstar, has been honing her skills and embracing creativity since graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. degree in Studio Art and Design from Georgia Southern University. Always having been an artist by nature, Bridget now blends her God-given talents and her years of experience towards her own craft business. Bridget's vision of taking the lessons learned through her college experience and marrying them with her own passion for design and craftsmanship has helped to further develop her business goals. Giving God the glory along the way, Bridget's business has grown through her investment of time and energy towards further developing her own handcrafted products that she hopes will inspire people to embrace a simplistic, beautiful way of living.