Tools I Use

Bringing you the best in quality, using sustainably sourced materials, and crafting with all-natural, safe practices.


Crafting beautiful things with my hands, and with the help of useful tools, is a wonderful process of exploring creativity and developing the imagination. I love inspiring others with my work and it drives me to pursue new challenges and perfect each technique.


In my search to find a natural alternative stuffing I stumbled upon this amazing product and I haven’t used anything else since! Kapok is an organic, cotton-silk like fiber naturally harvested from the tropical Kapok tree. Safe for little ones and those prone to allergies, this fiber fill is harvested without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.


I use reclaimed wood as often as I can in an effort to promote sustainability through my business. Reusing scraps and finding new purpose in unwanted discards has helped me better appreciate materials all while reducing cost. Keeping my material costs low by recycling helps me to provide my customer with the fairest prices possible, a win for us and a win for the environment.


One of my favorite steps in the woodworking process is when I get to condition the wood with an organic beeswax polish. I believe in finishing my wooden toys, cutting boards, and natural wood pieces with this polish because it improves surface quality, prolongs the life of the piece, and brings out the stunning wood grain naturally. This 100% organic, food-grade polish is made with a combination of beeswax, olive oil, and grapeseed oil.


I strive to ensure that my wooden toys and crafts are made as safe as possible for young ones and to give you peace of mind. All of the paints that I use are non-toxic and are quality, reputable brands that I trust and have been experienced in using for years.

Recycled Packaging

I do my best to recycle packaging materials as often as possible to reduce waste. When I do purchase packaging, I am careful to select eco-friendly options through trusted sellers within the USA.


I strive to put as much effort and thought into my packaging as I do the items themselves because I want my customers to have a positive and enjoyable experience initially upon receiving their order. It’s always fun to open a newly arrived package, and I feel like it’s worth it to go the extra mile in the way I present yours to you!